“Master Class” at Garry Marshall Theatre Review – Powerful, Passionate Portrayal of Maria Callas

La Divina Maria Callas, known for her temperamental behavior, always felt unloved, and only experienced real happiness when performing onstage before adoring audiences

Roy Abramsohn, Aubrey Trujillo Scarr, Carolyn Hennesy. Photo by Chelsea Sutton
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Landon Shawll, Carolyn Hennesy. Photo by Chelsea Sutton.

Inspired by world-renowned Opera diva Maria Callas’ magnificent JuiIliard Academy master class series, Terrence McNally’s Tony Award-winning play spotlights the tour-de-force artist and vulnerable woman known as La Divina, as she relentlessly coaxes, prods, and edifies her young students, motivating them to give the performances of their lives, while revealing her humor, her demons and her genius.

Roy Abramsohn, Maegan McConnell, Carolyn Hennesy. Photo by Chelsea Sutton

Within moments of the opening scene of Master Class, Ms Callas, (Carolyn Hennessy) also known as “La Divina”, instructs the audience not to applaud, telling them “It’s work.” She selects a member of the audience, that cleverly serves as the rest of the class, and tells her she doesn’t have “The Look”, and needs to get a signature look to be noticed.

Maegan McConnell and Carolyn Hennesy. Photo by Chelsea Sutton
Carolyn Hennesy. and Maegan McConnell. Photo by Chelsea Sutton


Her first student, awestruck Sophie de Palma (Soprano Maegan McConnell) is interrupted with her very first note, and is soon quaking with fear and intimidated by the diva, who both insults and admires her. It soon becomes apparent that with each pupil this pattern of insults, admiration and interruptions is repeated—with the diva’s assurance that, “It’s not about me!”

Carolyn Hennesy (Maria Callas) and Landon Shaw ll (Tenor Tony). Photo by Chelsea Sutton
Jeff Campanella stage hand, Roy Abramsohn, Landon Shaw ll. Photo by Chelsea Sutton

Her second student, Anthony Candolino (Tenor Landon Shaw ll), appears cocky and self-assured, and freely admits he is after fame and fortune. After heated verbal sparring he sings marvelously and ultimately wins La Divina’s praise.

Roy Abramsohn, Aubrey Trujillo Scarr, Carolyn Hennesy. Photo by Chelsea Sutton

Whilst being wickedly entertaining, in some cringe-worthy scenes Ms Callas mercilessly berates and criticizes everyone, and excoriates her students. She asks her third pupil, Sharon Graham (Soprano Aubrey Trujillo Scarr), attired in a gorgeous evening gown, whether she is going somewhere after class, and says, “Never wear a dress like this before midnight!”

Carolyn Hennesy and McConnell. Photo by Chelsea Sutton

The pupils don’t respond well to the abuse and the consequence of her caustic remarks is surprising! As a hypercritical perfectionist she demanded the same of her students, stating, “If I’ve been harsh it’s because I’m harsh with myself!” In one moment of biting sarcasm she says, “This will make the newspapers—Callas hurts student’s feelings!”

In some riveting moments Callas retreats into a personal monologue, recalling memories—of her painful childhood as an unattractive fat girl who rose from poverty to fame and wealth, her failed marriage and an affair with Greek millionaire Aristotle Onassis—who left her for Jaqueline Kennedy—the mockery and public humiliation, as well as the accolades she received as a great operatic diva—perhaps the greatest of the 20th century!

La Divina Maria Callas, known for her temperamental behavior, always felt unloved, and only experienced real happiness when performing onstage before adoring audiences. Her career ended rather soon and she died at age 57, in 1977.

Carolyn Hennesy and Roy Abramsohn. Phot by Chelsea Suton

Hennesy, in a tour-de-force performance positively transfixes with a formidable volume of powerfully passionate words, movements, gestures and elegance. The fabulous arias performed by Sopranos McConnell and Tujillo Scarr, and Tenor Landon Shaw ll, reach thrilling heights and standards, and the piano accompanist Manny (Roy Abramsohn) exceeds excellence.

Great script by Terrence McNally and Directing by Dimitri Toscas, and kudos to the entire production team. Highly recommended!

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Master Class By Terrence McNally

Directed by Dimitri Toscas

Starring Carolyn Hennessy with Roy Abramsohn, Jeff Campanella, Maegan

McConnell, Landon Shaw II, Aubrey Trujillo-Scarr

WHEN: September 22 – October 22, 2017

Previews: September 20 and 21, 2017

Press Openings: September 22, 2017 at 8pm and September 23 at 2pm

Thursdays, Fridays at 8pm; Saturdays at 2pm and 8pm; Sundays at 3pm

WHERE: Garry Marshall Theatre, 4252 W Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA 91505

PRICES: $45-$65


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