LET THE ANIMALS LIVE Gala Review – A Shining Example of Healing the World

Guests on the carpet
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Israel is a blessing to the world.



That sentiment is based upon the realities of a nation that did not even exist a mere 70 years ago, yet somehow managed in only seven decades to eclipse many of the First World Nations that presided over its creation.  Today, Israel is an impressive leader in hi tech innovations and global humanitarian interventions, whether providing  cutting edge drought solutions for African nations or ingenious methods for harnessing solar power in regions lacking hydroelectric infrastructure.   In fact, the greatest irony is that many of Israel’s most fervent enemies depend upon inventions birthed there, particularly in the realm of pharmaceuticals, that are often repackaged in order to hide their origins, thus sidestepping preposterous boycotts aimed against such wonderful products.

Beautiful Sheleg with Gila Leibovitch (one of the event organizers)

Israel has proven in no uncertain terms that  it prioritizes the welfare of mankind, in service of a concept known as Tikkun Olam….”Heal the World!”

But the sensitivities of the beautiful Israeli soul are not limited to people.

Our founder, Eti Altman giving her presentation

In 1986, a non-profit…LET THE ANIMALS LIVE (LTAL)…was created in Ramat Gan by an angel named, Eti Altman, who has dedicated much of her life to  alleviating the suffering of millions of cats/dogs that roam the land of Israel, given that the Israeli government chose to focus its attentions elsewhere.  LTAL operates four zero kill shelters in Israel where they provide quality veterinary care and rehabilitation to distressed animals and finds them loving, adoptive homes. As one of their main principles, LTAL does not euthanize any of their animals and is working to greatly reduce euthanasia rates in Israel through various educational and Spay & Neuter programs.

Sheleg with his new Forever Family

Furthermore, LTAL currently is raising funds to expand Israeli animal shelters and offer ambulance services for wounded animals.  In the case of feral cats, it is a particularly disturbing picture; many die slowly and painfully from a variety of causes. A scratch from a fight with another cat or a cut from the jagged lid of a can in the garbage bin can become an abscess. Urinary tract infections in males cause blockages that lead to extremely painful, lingering deaths, if left untreated. The herpes virus, if not treated with antivirals, can cause blindness, and is contagious to other cats. Cats blind in one or both eyes are not uncommon on the streets of Israel. Cats also die from dehydration in summer, when temperatures soar and there is no rain for months at a time. Lack of adequate nutrition weakens their teeth, making it difficult to eat. Being hit by a car can result in broken bones or internal injuries. Diseases such as rabies, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), feline leukemia, and feline infectious peritonitis are fatal. These diseases are contagious to other cats, but not to people. An upper respiratory infection caused by an immune system weakened by FIV or other disease can make seeing or breathing difficult, and especially in winter, cats on the streets of Israel can be seen struggling to take a breath.  In the case of wild dogs, aside from dealing with serious and painful injuries/illnesses, they typically roam the countryside in packs and not only pose a threat to domesticated animals, but increasingly endanger people, particularly in the potential spread of rabies.

Guests enjoying the evening

In seeking a remedy to animal suffering in Israel, a glitzy vegan fund-raiser was held at the hilltop mansion of philanthropist, Yacov Nisim, located in Beverly Hills. The attendees ranged from veterinarians to models/actresses, realtors to fashion merchants, all decked out in their most splendid Hollywood attire.  Guests had the opportunity to participate in both a silent and live auction, bidding upon a variety of luxury goods and services.  Yet, amidst the glamour, there were two highlights of the night that were most impacting in their emotional power.  LTAL founder, Eti Altman, who had flown in from Israel for the special night, delivered a heartfelt plea in Hebrew, drawing sharp comparisons between the costs of materialist indulgences (such as luxury brand eyewear) versus the number of dogs/cats that could be saved for identical expenditures.  Her passion on this topic silenced the noisy crowd, halting conversations in mid-sentence, as people were inspired to stop and think.  Then, later that night, the audience was mesmerized by the tragic tale of a three-legged dog, Sheleg, who was rescued from the Israeli streets by LTAL, then flown to Los Angeles for even more therapy and healing. The sad pup was brought out on the stage, cradled in the comforting arms of a temporary caretaker, then auctioned in an enthusiastic bidding war, that culminated with the winner more than happy to dish out $10,000 for the chance to provide a far superior home for the  sweet, canine, darling.

And at that moment, a strong sense of exultation swept through the crowd because, in a town often associated with callous indifference and the worst forms of narcissistic indulgence, it was nice to think that somebody gave up the chance to buy a shiny piece of jewelry or some other such frivolous thing solely in order to provide rescue monies for numerous suffering animals, while turning the once hellish existence of a three-legged pup into a much healthier and brighter future.

Guests sharing a special evening


LET THE ANIMALS LIVE….Bringing Hollywood Together to Help Israel’s Dogs and Cats

Supporters and attendees included Emmy award winner writer/producer, Gideon Raff (Homeland); writer/director, Ariel Vromen (Criminal); and celebrity fashion designer (Bullets for Peace) Rafi Anteby who hosted this star-studded event.

Silent and Live Auction, Buffet Dinner

This Event took place on Sunday October 22, 2017


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