Highlighting Your Inner Beauty – A Conversation with Kamani Alana

Kamani Alana! Photo Courtesy of Relevant Relations.
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Kamani Alana – Global Make-Up Artist! Photo Courtesy of Relevant Relations.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however if you ask celebrity make up artist and beauty expert, Kamani Alana, she would probably say otherwise.

From working on high profile clients such as Victoria BeckhamZoe KravitzSerena WilliamsKanye West to being profiled in reputable publications like VogueVanity FairVibe and more finding her niche was a seamless fit.


We got the chance to chat with Kamani Alana on making her move in the industry,  looks for the year, and launching her make up tutorials globally.


Splash Magazines: What was the main trend for 2017?

Kamani Alana: “Cher Hair” was one of the biggest beauty trend for 2017. Such celebrities as Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Ciara, Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian and many other celebrities rocked their extreme length dark tresses and soft middle part inspired by the one and only 70’s icon Cher.


SM:  What is one item you can’t live without?

KA: My holy grails are my Veil Cosmetics Complexion Fix Light Infused Concealer and a highly moisturizing Eye Balm. These are two of my must haves, not only for myself but for my clients.


SM:  Most underrated item/beauty practice?

KA: Skincare is the most underrated practice. I think that a lot of consumers only think of Make Up as beauty practice but where the actual prep starts is with taking care of your skin.


SM:  What do you foresee for the beauty trends for 2018?

KA: 1 One of the biggest trends that will hit 2018 is going to be the Clean Beauty movement. Main stream cosmetic companies such as Hourglass Cosmetics that vows to be fully Vegan by 2020, has already made a huge splash in the Clean Beauty market with their innovative products that still deliver high end performance.

2 Ultra Illuminating Highlighters – Highlighting is not new but brands are now making highlighters that produce extreme ultra shine making your highlighter the feature of your complexion.

3 Heavy Dark Eye Liner – Using a dark brown, black or blue liner and keeping a clean eye allows for the drama and intrigue to pop through.

4 Re-imagining the French Manicure is becoming the buzz for 2018 as well. The French manicure has always been a class style but now trending is more creative ways to bend the lines & colors of your French manicure to fit the spicier side of your personality.

5 Interesting and fun ponytails – Infusing your low, high or even side ponytail with twists or braids that fall into your ponytail adds interest, texture and edge to the otherwise known cute ponytail.


SM:  You’re a pro at applying makeup/airbrush, what do you think is a misconception when it comes to applying make-up? (Something you see a lot of people may be doing incorrectly/striving to master.)


KA: Contouring seems to be what most people are doing incorrectly and find over whelming and complicated because they do not have the correct techniques and/or products to achieve a natural and beautiful contour. There are several techniques of contouring which I teach in my Master Class using such Pro Products as the Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer that blends seamlessly into any skin texture and base/foundation.


SM:  You’ve worked with many well-known celebs, what’s been the biggest take away from that/biggest lesson learned?

KA: Working with so many different celebrities with different skin types, tones, hues, texture and so on, help me learn how to become a True Artist. Whether my client requires light, medium, or full coverage, I discovered how to really look at each individual as a new canvas and what their skin requires to have a flawless, warm complexion.

Photo Courtesy of Relevant Relations.

SM:  What can people expect from your make up class?

KA: You definitely can expect to pull out your note pads because there is a lot to learn. Some of highlights taught in my Master Class include:

How to create a flawless, creamy and luminous complexion?

Three dimensional contouring and highlighting that will bring your face to life

Creating the perfect brow specifically for your bone structure

Learning the steps of how to apply your eye shadow and/or eyeliner that suit your eye shape

Awareness and knowledge of Pro Products that I use in my Master Class that are industry must haves


SM:  What’s your long term goal for the class? Plan to expand to different cities/only host on web/etc?

KA: A huge goal of mine is to travel across the US and abroad teaching people how to create their own beauty according to their own face shape, skin tone and so on. Having an online pop-up or scheduled class to be able to reach those that are unable to physically attend my class is definitely something that is on my agenda as well.


SM:  What was the most challenging thing about growing your brand and what did you learn about yourself in the process?

KA: I am used to being behind the scenes and keeping men and women flawless as they build their own brand. So now that I am the face of my own brand, the most challenging thing for me was figuring out what creative platform I was offering to the public, what I wanted my brand to look like, and trying to withhold in keeping a truthful, raw & honest voice while promoting positivity and empowerment.


SM:  Best part of being on ‘Invite Only Cabo?’

KA: Invite-only Cabo on the Bravo network was such an unexpected project that was offered to me at a time that I really was living inside my own cave.

The show presented an opportunity for me to leap and break outside of that four-cornered box. When you are used to being very private and then now the factor of being filmed 24/7 for the whole world to see, definitely brought me out of my shell.

It was difficult at times but the best part of being on the show was of course the elaborate luxury vacation but most of all it gave me the platform to stand out from behind the scenes and into my own light which has now given me the confidence, strength and wherewithal to open the door in creating my own brand with no fear and as my true authentic self.

For tips on beauty, serving face, and overall living your best life for 2018 stay connected socially: Instagram, and Twitter.


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