Helping Aging Parents – Opt for Home Care Services

Since you made the task of caring for your aging parents a priority, a slight decline started occurring in your personal life. This is normal and inevitable. You have the responsibility to ensure your children’s wellbeing, keep up with household chores and maintain a high level of productivity at work while spending at least three days a week at your parents’ house because even though they are fragile and sick, they refuse to move out. In all this chaos, you suffer the most because there is practically no time left in a week for you to focus on your personal needs. Furthermore, you have to consider that although now you just have to complete a few simple tasks like grocery shopping, meal preparation and housekeeping, over time, the situation will change significantly because your parents’ health will decline thus requiring professional assistance. They will most likely be against your decision of opting for home care services mainly because they cannot accept the idea of having a stranger in their house, but this does not represent a solid reason.


What type of home care services should I opt for?

Under no circumstances, you should feel guilty or ashamed for exploring different long-term care options. This decision does not mean that you will completely disappear from your parents’ life, it will just give you the peace of mind that someone experienced will be there to take care of them when in your absence. Starting with the basics, you will have to choose between two main types of home care, namely in-home care services and home health care services. Consulting with your parents is very important because you have to take into consideration the condition of their general health and their specific needs. If their state requires regular professional assistance, Caring People Home Care Agency provides medical and nursing services, medication assistance and physical therapy. On the other hand, if they just need help performing daily activities like the ones mentioned above including bathing, meal preparation and household chores. Obviously, in this case you have to choose in-home care services and not home health care.

Should I hire an individual or a home care agency?

Inevitably, another question arises: should you hire an individual or an agency? Of course, certain states might allow you to hire another responsible member of the family who can offer his assistance. The bright side is that you personally know him or her so there will not be trust issues. However, since most people stick with the other two alternatives, you should know that asking for references and diligently checking those references is crucial. When it comes to hiring an individual caregiver, there are several benefits including investing less money and having the possibility to choose the person you want. Who knows, maybe over time, your parents and their caregiver will develop a positive relationship. The biggest disadvantage is that if that person gets sick or has an emergency, you do not have a substitute. In what concerns home care agencies, they will handle all the paperwork and put at your disposal highly trained and skilled individuals. The drawbacks refer to spending more money and dealing with multiple workers, which can become confusing.

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