Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca Restaurant Review – Authentic Italian with a Few Twists

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Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca is simply the latest in what is becoming a very long line of spectacular restaurants headed up by chef Brian Massie and Clique Hospitality. You are going to find the wonderful type of menu that you come to expect in Las Vegas, but Bottiglia is a little more hidden and gives you a more intimate setting at Green Valley Ranch Resort .

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Bottiglia has a vast menu from Italian classics that are centered around the handmade pasta as well as the variety of in-house created pasta sauces. Beyond that you will also find as assortment of fresh fish dishes that Clique restaurants are well known for and they have even ventured into some very tasty vegetarian dishes. The wild mushroom tagliatelle is the most powerfully flavorful dish on the menu and it all starts with the rich, egg centric, thick tagliatelle pasta. Pairing that pasta with all the flavors of seemingly endless amount of wild mushrooms and the black truffle cream sauce makes this a dish that makes it difficult to put your fork down. Not far behind and it might surprise you is the vegan Bolognese. The surprising part is that if you didn’t know it was vegan you certainly wouldn’t know it as Bottiglia serves this dish with a chickpea Bolognese, almond ricotta to go along with made of wild mushrooms. This dish delivers on Italian flavor with an ingredient list that is shocking to find in an Italian restaurant.

Wild mushroom tagliatelle

If you are looking for a salad that brings freshness and the flavors of Italy together, the buratta & tomato caprese does just that.  The tomatoes are so fresh they taste as if they were just pulled off the vine and it is paired with burrata and aged balsamic and  given a nice textural contrast with pistachios. While that gives you the light and refreshing end of an appetizer, if you are looking for a more heavy and rich dish, the wood baked crispy mozzarella is the choice. This is one large piece of fresh mozzarella that is lightly breaded and left with a crispy yet light flavor due to the baking as opposed to deep-frying, but what really separates this dish from others is the tomato gravy. While the menu offers a variety of sauces depending upon the dish that you order, this one might be the best. A very classic Italian red sauce that gives you the thickness of a gravy and really wallops you with flavor.

Wood baked crispy mozzarella

The seafood is fresh and on display for you at Bottiglia so you can see exactly what you are ordering and you can see exactly how fresh it is. A wonderful way to experience the seafood for the entire table is the grand shellfish tower, which comes with: shrimp, lobster, oyster and crabs.

Bottiglia has a vast list of wine to pair with every dish on the menu, but you would be amiss if you did not try the specialty cocktail menu. You will find treasures such as the “Italian Stallion”, created with Casamigos Reposado tequila that is balanced with amaretto and then taken to a new level of freshness with egg white, rosemary and a hint of citrus.


Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca will make you venture off of the Las Vegas strip, but if you love authentic Italian food, it is well worth the drive. From the clanking of wine glasses toasting to the freshest of fresh pasta and then finishing off your evening with a homemade cannoli, the flavors and the experience of Bottiglia will take your mind and taste buds on a trip to that will conjure up images and flavors of Italy itself.

For more information, visit: Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca 

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