Tailgating Rose Bowl Style

Stella Rosa Century Club catered by Ruth's Chris
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Tailgating is anything but a singular meaning. The word itself generally conjures up images of college football, pregame festivities and from there you can go in many directions. Regardless of how you tailgate, there are few picturesque tailgating venues like the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Home of the UCLA Bruins and the “granddaddy of them all” the Rose Bowl game itself, which usually means New Year’s Day to coincide with the one and only Rose Parade.

Stella Rosa Century Club

To begin with, Southern California and the Rose Bowl pretty much guarantee that you will enjoy picture-perfect weather for every UCLA how game or the actual Rose Bowl itself in January. This is why fans whose teams make it to the Rose Bowl plan their vacations accordingly. That beautiful weather along with the backdrop make for some of the best tailgating in the United States and it is up to you how to create and enjoy the experience.

The Rose Bowl

There are the die-hard tailgaters who simply enjoy doing it all themselves. They might turn their truck or van or RV into a tailgating vehicle and they load it up on gameday and do it all themselves. You might join up with friends and potluck or at the Rose Bowl like many venues, you can find plenty of options right outside of the stadium. If you are looking to simply drive up, get out of your car and let someone else do all the work, the Stella Rosa Century Club offers a tailgate experience that is hard to beat at any stadium. The Stella Rosa Century Club is catered by Ruth’s Chris and is an all-inclusive tailgate experience that is offered for all home games. This is three hours of not only a full buffet catered by Ruth’s Chris, but also a fully hosted 360 bar that has every cocktail you can you think of as well as plenty of beer options. You can enjoy all of that while watching not only other college football games going on across the country on the two big screen televisions, but they also make sure you can enjoy Dodger post-season action.

If you have not experienced Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse before, this is a great opportunity to try the amazing food that they not only offer in their restaurant, but a catering experience like no other. From steak sandwiches, to sliders and grilled vegetables, you will most definitely leave satisfied and full. If you have tailgated on your own before you will love the fact that you don’t have to clean anything up, you simply head into the Rose Bowl and enjoy the game. If the Southern California weather is simply too sunny for you, the Stella Rosa Century Club has tents for you to get a little shade and relax.

Stella Rosa Century Club

Inside of the Rose Bowl the experience has been elevated as well. Fairway Eats was introduced this year on the north side of the stadium, as guests 21 and up can now purchase alcohol until the start of the 4th quarter. The food has also greatly improved with restaurants such as the famous Border Grill taking up residency inside of the stadium.

You still have two chances to enjoy not only the Century Club, but you can also root for the Bruins in their final two games of the season as they will host USC on November 17th and Stanford on November 24th.
The UCLA basketball season is also about to begin for Bruin fans and they will notice a new name on the 53-year-old arena, as it will now be known as Edwin W. Pauley Pavilion presented by Wescom. Funds from the Wescom sponsorship will be used for long-term maintenance of the arena as well as for athletic scholarships. For more information, visit: UCLA Basketball

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Tommy Bahama collegiate shirt

It doesn’t matter who your team is, if you are going to spend the money on tickets and take all the time that goes into a gameday experience, football is something you must love. While the game itself is a huge part of the day, the gameday is just that a day. From the moment you get to the stadium and all that goes into before, during and after the game is what truly makes football an event. Don’t take for granted tailgating, because win or lose, sometimes that experience is just as memorable as the game itself.lets the whole family show their school pride. Including more than 70 of the top universities across the country, men and women, students and alumni can represent their school in print polos, tees, camp shirts and jackets.

To make a reservation or for more information about the Stella Rosa Century Club, call 310-750-3201 or email [email protected]

Visit: Rose Bowl


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