Quigley Fine Wines – Creating a Wine Experience That is Unparalleled

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A fine wine can make or break a dinner, the question is how do you go about finding that wine? Choosing a wine or possibly many bottles of wine, depending on the occasion can be a daunting task. If you want to take the guesswork out of choosing, the only choice that you need to make is putting yourself in the hands of the wine experts at Quigley Fine Wines.

With Quigley Fine Wines, the most important thing is that the entire process begins with your very own wine consultant. Wine consultant is not just a title, it is a group of people who back up that title with a depth of knowledge of the wine world with regards to every aspect of wine such as: regions, styles and varietals. Your personal wine consultants will get to know you, your needs and will source wines that mesh perfectly with your palate. Your wine consultant tells you the stories behind each of the winemakers and wines and works with you to ensure that every wine offered to you is the right wine for you. Your consultant also can go further due to their relationships. They can help you visit wineries and assist you in going behind the scenes and creating a true experience that you won’t find elsewhere.

That guesswork that you always had when buying wines will be gone, no longer will you have a hint of doubt when you uncork a bottle of wine. You will now have exclusive access to exceptional wines and you will have the ability to explore the vast world of wine without risk. Best of all, they make the wine buying experience fun and educational.

Looking beyond the incredible and always changing lineup of wines, what makes Quigley so unique is that they do not work with distributors, wholesalers or retailers. With Quigley you really get your wine from the vineyard right to your table. That part of the equation truly makes a difference. Quigley knows the wineries personally and they get wines you literally won’t find anywhere else. Approximately 95 percent of the wines that Quigley is able to import are produced in lots of fewer than 1,000 cases with some production sizes as small as one barrel (25 cases). This also applies to domestic wines. All of the wines that Quigley offers are exclusive to them, which means exclusive to you and none are available in any retail shop in the United States.

If you are looking for more than a single bottle of wine and you are looking for a lifetime of unique and ever changing wines to fit your flavor profile, Quigley Fine Wines is for you. Quiqley Fine Wines offers more than a few bottles of wine, they will elevate your appreciation and love of wine to a whole new level.

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