California Sun – Your New Favorite Beer and Pizza Hangout

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Detroit pizza might not have a name that resonates like some other styles, but one bite in you will be hooked on this motor city style. California Sun (opening Feb. 11), the latest project from Artisanal Brewers Collective, is not only is bringing that unique style of pizza to Silver Lake, but also a beer selection that will wow even the biggest beer conneseaurs.

Detroit Style Pizza Fresh out of the Oven

While Chicago style might be the most well known pizza, the simple fact is that once you try the Detroit version you will never look back. Detroit style pizza is cooked in square and what you get is great crispy edge and then a thick crust that looks like your typical deep dish pizza until you take a bit. Inside that crust is a very light and airy interior that doesn’t overwhelm you and give you that heavy and doughy feeling. It really allows you to enjoy all the flavors of your pizza with a much lighter and enjoyable crust.

The Detroit version is simply a must try if you haven’t experienced it before, but California Sun also has a fantastic thin crust pizza and some wonderfully unique versions. One of the highlights of the menu is the Detroit style vegan pizza. You simply would not know it was vegan unless someone told you and the vegan cheese is layered into the dough and creates a wonderfully melted experience in each bite. Pizza and beer are without question the highlights of California Sun, but don’t pass on the salad, they are just as creative as the pizzas. They have such great choices as the Kale Sea-Sar which features fried capers and they have an amazingly flavorful eggplant and honey combination that will hook you after the first bite.

Thin Crust Pizza

You can certainly come for the pizza, but you just as easily will be hooked on the over-the-top selection of beers. California Sun has 14 beers on tap and a three-door cooler of beer, wine and soda, mostly beer. The can selection not only has every style, but you are always going to find beers that you have never experienced or even heard of. If you are looking for a new beer, California Sun is the place to visit.

Sneak Peak at California Sun (Tony Yanow, Chelsea, Cary Berger)

On tap at California Sun they manage to come up with some rarities you are likely not to find on tap around Los Angeles. Some current highlights include: Pliny the Elder from Russian River, Wall of Darkenss from The Bell Marker and Mine IPA from Green Cheek Brewing just to name a few.

Pliny the Elder

ABC founder Tony Yanow brought his long history in the world of beer to help curate the incredible beer selection at California Sun. Whether it is a tap handle that you might only find at California Sun or the 140 plus can selection, Tony has always tried to have the ability to reach any person with a beer that will resonate with their palate. California Sun also has an amazing staff that can steer you in the right direction and is always will to share their wealth of beer knowledge.

Great beer knowledge from Eden

If you are looking for a fun and casual place that was made for hanging out and enjoying great craft beer along with some unique Detroit style pizza, nothing quite fits the bill like California Sun. Beer and pizza done to the highest level and California Sun does it your way, pull up a chair or grab a six-pack of beer and a pizza and head home, either way you will leave California Sun completely satisfied.

Amazing Beer Lineup

For more information, visit: California Sun

California Sun is located in Silver Lake at 3903 Sunset Blvd.

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