There’s a New Independent Production Powerhouse in Town – P2 Films is Making Moves and Studio Giants are Taking Note!

Emily Shannon stars as Emily Dickinson in "Wild Nights with Emily"
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April, 2019, was a huge month for P2 Films.  They dropped two standout movies in Hollywood and box offices across the United States. “Wild Nights with Emily,” starring Molly Shannon and “Under The Silver Lake,” starring Andrew Garfield did well during Festival Season, earning accolades from audiences and critics alike. These films are two out of three Independent Movies which P2 Films will release this year alone, further defining the legacy for this Independent Production Powerhouse.

With the release of its first major Hollywood project “Starve,” P2 Films has steadily emerged as a viable production house.  Founded in 2014, and based in Los Angeles, the strength of the company lies in the impeccable work ethic and passion of one of its founders, Rufus Parker.  Rufus is an entrepreneurial wizard and has started and overseen multiple companies to overwhelming success.  Eventually, Rufus turned his focus to filmmaking and the art of visual storytelling and launched several international movie hits, enjoying the same level of success.

“Wild Nights with Emily,” written and directed by Madeleine Olnek, has achieved much success and critical acclaim.  This dramatic comedy about Emily Dickinson captures her life as a writer, her struggles to get published and her vivacious, irreverent side that was covered up for years.  Very few were privy to Dickinson’s lifelong romantic relationship with a woman who was her friend and sister-in-law.  Forever dispelled will be the myth that Dickinson was an unloved recluse.

“We are thrilled with the release of ‘Wild Nights with Emily.’ Not only does it prove our commitment to bringing fresh, creative Independent Cinema to the world, it also allows us to uphold our mission, tell an unforgettable story and Molly Shannon is magnificent!” said Rufus Parker, partner and co-founder of P2 films.

P2 Films second April release, “Under The Silver Lake,” enjoyed its worldwide premiere at Cannes, prior to its theatrical release.  Born from the dazzling imagination of writer-director David Robert Mitchell (“It Follows”), “Under the Silver Lake” is a delirious Neo-Noir fever dream about one man’s search for the truth behind the mysterious crimes, murders, and disappearances in his East L.A. neighborhood. The film features Andrew Garfield (“Spiderman”, “Hacksaw Ridge”) and Riley Keough (“Lucky Logan”, “Mad Max: Fury Road”) in lead roles.

“My partner Sukhi (Pabla) and I not only love creating meaningful cinema, we are passionate about telling stories that will spark interest in our hearts, touch our souls and entertain. Our next project slated for release later this year, is a gripping suspense drama,” says Rufus. “Bonded” tells the story of a young boy, smuggled across the border and forced into child labor.  “The goal was to make a great movie that will entertain audiences worldwide and also to create awareness for the plight of the 40 million enslaved around the world today,” adds Rufus.  P2 Films has produced a wide range of motion pictures in various genres, for both national and international markets.  With a slate of projects in development, we are very excited about the future!

About P2 Films:

P2 Films is an entertainment company that engages in all aspects of entertainment production from co-financing, production, distribution, and foreign sales of commercial and non-commercial motion pictures for use worldwide. The company holds a production portfolio including various genres of motion pictures for the USA and international markets as well as a slate of projects in development; each one aiming to entertain and connect with specific audiences ranging from young to old.

Molly Shannon and cast members of “Wild Nights with Emily”

The strength of P2 lies in their unyielding passion to produce quality work and is fueled by their resolve to keep that passion burning. From concept to final print, P2 Films maintains creative excellence and production value, regardless of the budget, all the while effectively focusing on the primary goal of distribution for each project.  For more information, visit

Andrew Garfield stars in “Under the Silver Lake” by P2 Films

All photos courtesy of P2 Films.

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