Summertime Gift Guide 2019 – Keep the Fun Going

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Books to help you keep your summer body looking great!

EAT LIKE YOU GIVE A FORK: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive

Mareya Ibrahim, nutritionist, award-winning inventor, and the signature chef and meal plan designer for the bestselling diet book The Daniel Plan, has written her own cookbook, EAT LIKE YOU GIVE A FORK: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive. According to Mareya, no one should do anything that starts with “die.” Instead, she invites readers to escape the dreaded diet mentality with a more positive approach to healthy eating. Including eighty “forking delicious” recipes that support eight essential nutritional strategies, Mareya encourages readers to remake their kitchens, taste buds, bodies, and energy levels with honest and easy-to-understand recipes.  Mareya’s fun and holistic approach to food will encourage readers to laugh and get serious about their cooking at the same time. With over twenty-five years in the food industry and as the host of the popular Facebook Live show The Real Dish, as well as the podcast Recipes For Your Best Life, Mareya’s knowledgeable guidance and great palate will make readers rethink the word diet!

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Intermittent Fasting Basics

Quick and easy tips to simplify intermittent fasting to fit better into your daily life! Intermittent fasting has been taking the world by storm with its unique approach to health and weight loss. But with so many rules and restrictions, how do you know where to begin—and how to fast safely? Now, with Intermittent Fasting Basics, you don’t have to read a huge tome about what intermittent fasting is, how it works, and what you need to do to follow it. Your time is precious. Intermittent Fasting Basics provides you with find easy-to-understand explanations and tips, tricks, and advice for quickly adapting intermittent fasting to your needs. Are you just not ready to go without food for a whole day? That’s OK! Intermittent fasting is a more flexible diet than most and has many options that will work for you—no matter your needs!

Learn how easy it is to introduce intermittent fasting into your life—and see major results—with Intermittent Fasting Basics!

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The Essential Oils Diet

The first diet program that harnesses essential oils and bioactive foods for weight loss and disease prevention, from the nation’s trusted authority in essential oils and natural remedies.  The runaway success of The Healing Power of Essential Oils showed that there is a growing interest in using essential oils to heal the body. Now, in The Essential Oils Diet, Dr. Eric Zielinski teams up with Sabrina Ann Zielinski (“Mama Z”) to teach readers how bioactive plant compounds–those found in essential oils and in foods like matcha green tea, chia seeds, almonds, and avocados–can aid in weight loss, boost energy levels, and trigger the body’s natural immune defenses to fight chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and autoimmunity. 

The Essential Oils Diet features a sensible, evidence-based, two-phase program—first, the 30-day essential fast track, which helps you banish excess pounds quickly, followed by the essential lifestyle, a gentle, practical maintenance program you can follow for life. Featuring delicious, easy recipes, meal plans, and strategies to keep you on track, you’ll learn how to harness essential oils and bioactive foods to help your body reach the homeostasis necessary to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight and abundant health.

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Products to lighten your home and inspire new adventures.

Mobile Edge’s Graphite Line Special Collection

Mobile Edge’s distinctive and stylish Graphite Line Special Collection represents a fresh, edgy take on seven of our most popular bags, redesigned with premium graphite-colored nylon material. Sporting a sleek, modern look, these bags make the perfect gift for business-commuting, frequent-flying adventurers. Bags in the Graphite Collection come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including backpacks, messenger bags, and briefcases. From the Graphite SmartPack Backpack to messenger style bags and Briefcases. You are sure to find one that fits your needs this summer!

Each bag in the collection features a premium graphite ballistic nylon exterior, a dedicated padded computer compartment, fashion inspired interior linings, steel fittings, self-healing zippers, and Mobile Edge’s lifetime warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

$41.99 – $129.99   Buy now!  

Collagen For Her Lemon Water

The ALL NEW Collagen For Her Lemon Water features 100% daily dose of Vitamin C to fight off those sneaky summer colds and electrolytes to keep you hydrated while enjoying the season of sunshine! PLUS! It’s a convenient way to get your collagen and enjoy the health benefits of reduced joint pain, improved digestion, a boosted metabolism and more.

Created by a woman for women, Collagen For Her makes it easy to get your daily dose of Collagen. Often referred to as “the glue that holds the body together,” Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, comprising about 30% of all the protein in our bodies; with 70% of the protein found in our skin, 90% in our connective tissue, and 90% in our bone mass. As early as age 20, bodies stop producing the needed collagen, resulting in poor digestion, joint pain, weak nails, etc. Taking a daily scoop of Collagen For Her is a convenient solution. 

Give your body a boost this summer and enjoy the daily benefits and convenience of Collagen For Her!

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Natural Fragrance Rose 

Natural Fragrance roses are unique premium, garden-grown roses designed to last months without water or care.  The sustainable alternative to chemical-based scented candles and diffusers, Natural Fragrance Rose is the green revolution in indoor fragrance. A third-generation Dutch flower cultivator, company founder Peter Persoon discovered that Mother Nature does not produce flowers that are both richly scented and long lasting. Persoon researched and developed an innovative approach to align the worlds of scent and beauty. Applying his patented technology to premium, natural blooms, Persoon replaces the water in the plant cells with bio-based moisturizing creams. The flowers self-hydrate by taking in moisture from the air, keeping them fresh and gorgeous up to 10 times longer than cut roses and up to 3 months in your home. Requiring no refrigeration or care, each Natural Fragrance Rose is transported and displayed in a glass vase which cuts over 9 times the transport and emissions waste of traditionally manufactured roses.

Perfect for any special occasion, celebration, or “just because” moment, shop the full collection at or at your nearest Gelsons or Bed Bath and Beyond stores.

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America Quiz Card Game by Ridley

How much do you know about the land of the free and the home of the brave? Get ready to challenge your friends and family in this patriotic quiz!

How well do you know the United States! get ready to go head to head and put your knowledge to the test in this Super fun and patriotic quiz! Part of the Ridley’s Games Room collection by wild and Wolf. 140 individual questions about America. Handheld and Lightweight – ideal for parties, gatherings, road trips or more!

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Good Dees Mixes

From keto and low-carb to gluten-free and dairy-free, Good Dee’s mixes offers consumers living an alternative dietary lifestyle a bold new approach to baked goods that doesn’t involve deprivation. Deana Karim is the mom behind the chef’s hat at Good Dee’s, whose switch to the keto lifestyle helped her reach a healthy weight but left her craving the sweet treats she used to love to bake and eat.

“Sticking to a new health plan is so much easier and rewarding when you aren’t depriving yourself of your favorite things,” explains Karim. “My mother is diabetic and an amazing baker, which encouraged me to look into unique workarounds that would still result in a texture, look, smell, and taste so similar to its carb-packed counterpoint it would allure the average carb eater.”

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Back these projects today.

Travel Tripod by Peak Design

A full-featured tripod in a truly portable form. Every water bottle pocket on your bag is now also a tripod pocket, and you’re carrying a full sized tripod with professional capabilities. Set it up (and pack it down) faster. Easy-to-use leg cam levers that can be operated together (no tedious twist locks!). Topped off with lightning-fast camera quick-attachment/release. High-performance materials and precision machined parts yield weight capacity, stability, and vibration dampening comparable to much larger, more expensive tripods. The Travel Tripod is designed to handle pro photography gear, easily handling a full-frame DSLR with a 70-200 lens. Combining a 20lb weight capacity with a 60″ max height, the Travel Tripod performs as well as any other in its class. Also made for the camera in your pocket. 

Included: A zippered soft case from the legendary Peak Design soft goods department, plus all the tools to use and maintain your new tripod: our precision machined aluminum Standard Plate, a hex wrench for plate tightening and tripod maintenance, and the phone mount mentioned above.

Durable, serviceable, and guaranteed for life. Weatherproof and impact-resistant.

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Move it Speed

Move It Speed is the world’s first intelligent reflex bag that delivers an unparalleled interactive boxing experience. It’s your perfect fitness training partner. Adjustable Height and Rebound Speed. Real-time Feedback and Guidance. Diverse Interactive Game Modes. Relieve Stress and Keep Fit. Record Punching Stats. Ultra-long Work Time. Whether you are at home or in the office, Move It Speed is the perfect choice to relieve tension and stay fit. For both professionals or amateurs, it can bring the boxing experience to the next level with the intelligent Move It App. Visualize the training process, follow fitness progress, and even gamify your workouts!​

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The Duo

The DUO Daypack is a dawn-to-dusk, daily carrying beast that was tirelessly designed to go from work to play… to play to work… to work to work… to play to play… or whatever else you call your daily grinds, errands, and passions. 

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Rens – waterproof shoes

#rens – waterproof, anti-odor, lightweight, and sustainable. They make rens out of coffee – well, coffee grounds turned into yarn. Your favorite morning beverage is now a 100% waterproof, great looking shoe. And they are made with sustainable materials, so you can feel great about wearing them.

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RhinoWolf2.0 tent

It’s not just a tent, it’s an outdoor sleeping system that combines the best and most durable elements of their camping gear into one high-quality, heavy-duty, lightweight (6.2 lbs / 2.8 kg) superpack.  Thanks to RhinoWolf’s modular design, you can connect your RhinoWolf to your friend’s RhinoWolf, to her spouse’s Rhinowolf, to that guy’s friend’s RhinoWolf to… You get the picture. 

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