A History of World War II Review – A Laugh a Battle

John Fisher in A HISTORY OF WORLD WAR II - Photo by Jerry Metzker
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Written and performed by the John Fisher, A HISTORY OF WORLD WAR II won the 2017 United Solo Festival best actor award, a well-deserved honor for a multi-talented whirlwind who weaves baby brother battles into historic battles with ease. Hopping between real live facts, explosive war-time moments, silly songs, and childhood reminiscences, Fisher captures the essence of experience as he tears through an abridged version of a major war in just over an hour – all the while re-living how an obsession with before-his-time combat erupted from his daily skirmishes with his older brother. And served to bring the two closer together.

John Fisher – Photo by Jerry Metzker

Did I mention that Fisher also morphs into a major philharmonic orchestra while enlisting the aid of an attentive audience? Or turns World War II movies into laugh fests? All the while carefully inserting battle facts that most of us are unaware of? From Hitler and Rommel to Eisenhower and Patton, Fisher doesn’t miss a beat as he explores a failed hit on der Fuhrer by a bunch of losers, how D Day was actually won, and why Russia may be an unsung hero in the conflict. All the while keeping the laughs coming.

John Fisher – Photo by Jerry Metzker

Developed at Theatre Rhinoceros, the world’s longest-running continuously-producing professional LGBT theater, and the United Solo Festival in New York City, the world’s largest solo theatre festival, A HISTORY OF WORLD WAR II will entertain and delight. This is a family-friendly presentation which reaches across the invisible barrier between actor and audience. In fact, on the evening of the performance, several children were clearly enchanted and excited by history, an accomplishment not to be ignored by any educator or parent.

John Fisher – Photo by Jerry Metzker

A master of theatricality and physicality, energetic and intense John Fisher manages to take an empty stage and turn it into a battleground or a backyard with a flick of his wrist. Described as a one-man fireworks display, Fisher lives up to his name as he tells AND shows all. Directed by Jerry Metzker and John Fisher, A HISTORY OF WORLD WAR II remains a gripping story that incorporates historic fact, personal memory, and media takes into a fascinating and unique collage.

John Fisher – Photo by Jerry Metzker

A HISTORY OF WORLD WAR II runs through October 26, 2019, with performances at 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. The Broadwater Black Box is located at 6322 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038. Tickets range from $15 to $25. For information and reservations, call 917-553-7165 or go online.

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