“A Movie Lover’s Search for Romance” Review – A Captivating Read

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If you are looking for a great holiday gift now or possibly a Valentine’s Day gift up the road, check out “A Movie Lover’s Search for Romance”.  It is a book that is at once quirky and poignant, fun and serious.  My husband and I reading it aloud were mesmerized with the style, the characters and the honesty of this book by Joanna Charnas.

Joanna Charnas

My life is about as different from hers as one can imagine but both my husband and I found ourselves drawn into Charnas’ stories and we also related to her choice of movies.  That the book is so honest and human, draws the reader right in. We get to know her family and her many friends and a bit about Joanna herself.

Divorced social-worker Joanna Charnas discovered many things when she had to start dating again in mid-life, and met a cast of characters one might encounter in the movies. But having seen a flick a week in theaters since her tweens, this movie-buff had a toolbox of plots-twists and themes to navigate.

Movie Lover’s Front Cover

 A MOVIE LOVER’S SEARCH FOR ROMANCE (Msi Press- 6.23.2020 ISBN-10: 1950328066 ISBN-13: 978-1950328062 The epilogue of dating and relationship tips is a terrific resource for anyone of any age.

Joanna  generously agreed to answer some questions about herself and the book.

Movie night

I loved your described interactions with movies.  Is there a movie about you in your future?  

Going to the movies is how I relax in good and bad times. It’s how I relax and self-soothe. I’m never happier when I’m sitting in the dark in a room full of strangers staring at a big screen. I love your idea about making a movie about me! What a great project. Who can we pitch this to? 

Continuing on this theme, how have you been managing movie wise through Corona?

I’ve missed going to the movies, but given what’s been happening worldwide missing them has been at the bottom of my list of pandemic related woes. I feel relieved that the vaccine is here, and sometime in the future it will be safe for me to return to movie theaters. In the meantime, streaming on Netflix and Amazon is helping me through tough times.

I was very impressed with the way you mix humor with deeper insights.  Can you share more about this?

Joanna’s wonderful Dad

I grew up with a funny, charming, smart father, who is featured in a couple of chapters of A Movie Lover’s Search for Romance. I’d like to think that many of my finer qualities were inherited from him.

Of the various men described in the book, how many do you still connect with?

I’m still close to my friend Dan, who is featured in the chapter Fun and Games. We’ve known each other most of our lives, and met in nursery school when we were both three years old. I rarely see him or speak to him, but we’ve been writing each other for over forty years. It’s very nineteenth century. He’s one of my closest friends, and I feel like we’ve been having forty-year conversation. 

Do you have plans for another book?

I was thinking about writing a book about my favorite movie moments and have been taking notes to prepare. I’d love to learn how to write screenplays, and may take a course about it after the pandemic wanes.

Is there anything further that you would like to share with Splash Magazines Worldwide readers?

To everyone, young and old, who is still dating, remember to trust your instincts. They are your best guide when you’re looking for romance. And remember, you’re never too old or too anything to find love!

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Photos: Courtesy of Joanna Charnas

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