Stonefire Grill – Signature Sandwiches That Are a Cut Above

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Changing the way that you view a sandwich is a tough task, one that Stonefire Grill took as a challenge and they created not just one, but three sandwiches that will make you forget the rest. Each sandwich is a true meal all by itself and are layered with fresh ingredients and flavors that make each sandwich memorable.

These stacked sandwiches come courtesy of Executive Chef Taylor Boudreaux and will be available at all 12 locations throughout Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties as well as Stonefire Grill’s sister restaurant, Rattler’s Bar B Que, in Santa Clarita. The trio of sandwiches include: the tri tip chimichurri sub, the roasted turkey club and the roasted vegetable stack. Chef Taylor definitely made a sandwich for everyone to enjoy and they all are equally fantastic.

Tri Tip Sub

For the meat lovers out there, the tri tip sub will satisfy your hunger with a stack of meat that is so high you have to push down the top of the box to make it fit. The tender trip tip is coated with Stonefire’s signature dry rub for 12 hours, then slow roasted nearly 18 hours and finished on the restaurant’s mesquite grill. This sandwich would make any grillmaster proud and it comes on a fresh artisan roll that holds up beautifully and is finished off with crumbled feta along with arugula and pickled red onion.

Roasted Turkey Club

The roasted turkey club is a very elevated version of the classic sandwich we all know and love. Again you get a big stack of turkey and some very thick cut hardwood smoked bacon and a unique pairing with brie cheese and pesto ailoi to really add some flavor to the sandwich. The roasted vegetable stack lives up the name with layer after layer of veggies. You are going to find roasted red bell pepper, lightly charred zucchini and yellow squash, pickled red onion and pepper jack cheese along with a black bean puree all on a fresh artisan style roll. Locally sourced vegetables and fresh rolls truly make the difference in each of these sandwiches.

Stonefire Grill is opening their doors back and most locations have plenty of outdoor dining, so if you are looking to get back out and let someone else do the cooking, this is a tasty option. Stonefire Grill has an incredible lineup of salads, highlighted by their bbq chopped version, pizza and plenty of great meat off the grill, including: ribs, tri tip and chicken. Whether you are dining in or getting it to go, do yourself a favor and grab a slice of their carrot cake. It is not a stretch to say this is the best carrot cake around and it is big enough to take care of the entire family. Rich, decadent and everything you would want in a dessert.

Carrot Cake (Courtesy Stonefire Grill)

Whether it is a sandwich or a sit down meal with the family, you can always count on from Stonefire Grill is great ingredients and plenty of food. If you are looking for a lunch that goes beyond the typical drive thru, the trio of sandwiches will certainly offer you that and once you have had them all, you will find out that each one is so good, the only question left is which one is your favorite? The answer is likely to be all of the above.

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