NuJo Roasted Root Is New Cuppa – “If Coffee & Tea Had a Baby”

Woman-Owned Business Offers Healthful Organic Alternative Beverage

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Murfreesboro,Tennessee, USA – “We exist to improve the world, one cup at a time,” is NuJo’s motto, and under direction of company founder and owner Carmen Wagner this group is dedicated to birthing their organic roasted root beverage offering another, decidedly better, choice to coffee and tea drinkers. Strategically formulated to restore good gut health- something that leaves coffee and tea in the dust- NuJo is comprised of superfoods in a form that is described as “if coffee and tea had a baby.” Further, the company has as vision not only helping consumers tend to and maintain their own good health but also create a financial stream to help care for vulnerable children. Still further, NuJo is pursuing these goals while also using sustainable sourcing and packaging so as to have minimal impact on the Earth.

Composed of organic chicory root,organic quinoa,organic MCT coconut oil, organic orange peel, organic allspice, and organic clove, the NuJo brew might remind some of the dark-bodied Constant Comment tea. The aroma of the spices is robust, and the flavor complements that. The body of the brewed product is also reminiscent of a dark tea product. All of this is enticing and pleasing but the added benefits make the choice to, at least, try a beverage switch a no-brainer: NuJo is comprised of ingredients that offer a form of prebiotic superfood, has only 10 calories per serving, is plant-based, has no sugar, gluten, or caffeine, and is also low carb. The product is hand-crafted in batches, too, which creates an even more inviting concept.

NuJo can be enjoyed hot or cold and is available in ready to brew grind, single-serve portable bags (8 gram/.3 ounce), loose in 16 gram/.56 ounce two-serving pouches, in compostable single serve Keurig-compatible PODS and in RTD single serve cold brew in glass bottles.

nuJo is deliciously comprised of all organic ingredients

First taste test was with both single-serve bag (in an individual cup) and a multi-serve packet (in a teapot with metal filter) products “black,” ie no creamer products or sweeteners. The NuJo demonstrated a sweet and slightly fruity nose with lots of dried orange peel reminiscent of that old-timey tea- yet with that same color as a good cup of organic “real” coffee. If I closed my eyes I might think I was drinking “Constant Comment” (black) tea but without the flavor tang; the NuJo is smooth and without any lingering chicory taste.

The NuJo is highly drinkable “black.” This is important for many reasons, of course including complete portability of the product: NuJo comes in packets that can be used to brew in a steeping pot but also in individual tissanes that can simply be dunked into heated water in an individual cup. Without anything at all added to it, the NuJo proved itself pretty delicious once this taste tester could do the adjustment from drinking an “unenhanced” morning cuppa. Another excellent reason for enjoying NuJo on its own as morning wake-up cup is potentially with timed fasting.

nuJo brewbags, traditional grind, and ready-to-enjoy cold brew

Again, here as those impressive health statistics for the product:

Prebiotic Superfood

10 calories per serving

Gluten Free

Caffeine Free


No Sugar

No Preservatives

Low Carb


Diabetic and Vegan Friendly

End Notes: taste-testing these products side-by-side as a coffee substitute was extremely difficult since the orange peel and cloves from the NuJo are interesting and delicious but also very dominant to the palate: everything else eaten or drunk takes a backseat. So, this is a beverage that might be considered (deliciously) stand-alone. One idea- that yielded a benefit that will impress the frugal, was to change up the ratio of water to product; 2 tsp are called for in one cup of water, and we doubled the water to set up a good steep pot and realized that taste and drinkability were even better! So much more to love! Very excited to see how this product will morph over time as it launches as a stand-alone and also into the coffee replacement market.

Worthy Note: After adopting her son Tuck, Wagner was inspired to donate to the nonprofit group National Angels as they lend support to families within the Foster Care system across the United States. 10% of profits from sales of NuJo products is given in support of National Angels.

nuJo company founder Carmen Wagner with her adorable son Tuck

All in all, NuJo roasted root brew provided a delicious and satisfying hot (or cold) cuppa. Knowing the product is healthy, too, and that the company is doing such great work to have only minimal negative impact on our planet, while also helping others, is a definite win-win. Worth a try! For more information:

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