The Hidden Life of Trees – A New Documentary Opening on July 16th, 2021

Trees in the forest, photo: Courtesy of the Hidden Life of Trees
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The Hidden Life of Trees, A New Documentary The Hidden Life of Trees which is based on the book The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate, based on the book Opens July 16 in Theaters Across the U.S. via Capelight Pictures and MPI Media Group

The “dead” tree is nourished

German forester Peter Wohlleben authored The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate, which was translated from German into English in 2016. Remarkably, as a small child, he wanted to become a nature conservationist. He studied Forestry and was a civil servant at the State Forestry for over twenty years. As he grew more familiar with the woodlands he was overseeing, he became disenchanted due to the damage caused by the techniques and technologies he was expected to employ, including the felling of mature trees and the use of insecticides.  

Peter Wohlleben , author of “The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate”

He now runs a forest academy in the Eifel region and works worldwide for the return of the primeval forests. He is a guest on numerous TV programs, gives lectures and seminars and is the author of books about the forest and nature conservation issues. He has inspired people all over the world with his bestsellers TheHiddenLifeofTrees, The InnerLifeof AnimalsThe Secret Wisdom of Nature and The Secret Bond between Humankind and Nature. Most recently, the magazine “Wohllebens Welt” was published. He was awarded the Bavarian Nature Conservation Medal in 2019 for his emotional and unconventional way of imparting knowledge. His latest book, The Heartbeat of Trees, is now available via Greystone books.

In his book, The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate, he introduces readers to the world of trees, including Wood-Wide Web, through which nutrition and signals are exchanged among trees.  Building on these concepts, the documentary film Intelligent Trees features several of Wohlleben’s observations. It portrays him alongside Suzanne Simard, a professor of forest ecology at the University of British Columbia, whose research supports most of Wohlleben’s observations about communication among trees.

Based on his best-selling book that has profoundly changed our understanding of forests, The Hidden Life of Trees, illustrates How Trees Are Capable of Thought, Communication, and Memory.   Our guide is the renowned forester and writer Peter Wohlleben who takes us through his most enlightening ideas. He shares his ecological, biological and academic expertise with infectious enthusiasm and candor. The movie follows Wohlleben’s travels through Germany, Poland, Sweden, and Vancouver to illustrate the amazing processes of life, death, and regeneration he has observed in the woodland for decades. The result is an immersive and eye-opening look at the scientific mechanisms behind these wonders of nature.

While the entire movie is simply remarkable, the sections I found most surprising told about how forest reseed themselves far more efficiently that when people plant trees.  In addition there was a section about harvesting trees filled with information that was completely new to me and very interesting.

The forest

Jörg Adolph’s Immersive Documentary The Hidden Life of Trees, illustrates How Trees Are Capable of Thought, Communication, and Memory.  Watching it, I was mesmerized.  On my morning walks, I experience trees in a new ways. This documentary was a  beautiful, fascinating and compelling experience. It is a must for all nature lovers and anyone who loves forests and trees.

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