Designer Bianca Niculae Dives into VOL’s Flight

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Introducing a brand [VOL] that breaks the barriers of formal design with its Heat Wave Spring/ Summer 2022 Collection. With precise sartorial-like tailoring, each piece is a dedication to the free spirit, brightening up your wardrobe in iconic cuts that feature the latest style including cut-outs. Promoting a curated selection of luxurious fabrics in Loro Piana wool and cashmere, fine leather, and denim along with silk, “everything begins with fabric” in this hybrid collection containing exclusive summer statement pieces in various shades of white; chosen to symbolize freedom. Also symbolizing freedom are beautifully crafted, hand-poured sterling silver buttons with a bird motif aligning with the name of the brand VOLcoming from Vestiaire D’un Oiseau Libre which is the french for the wardrobe of a free bird. Read below as designer Bianca Niculae delves into VOL’s ethos – a brand whose aesthetic saturates Niculae’s vision – leaving us with a fresh perspective on casual wear that includes hoodies accentuated with white leather detailing.

Cliff Hoodie

When and how did it all begin?

Growing up, I was fascinated by birds, their movement, their beauty, and especially the purity of white birds, which in a way always brings me closer to God; for me, they represent freedom and escape, and by the time I decided to create VOL, I knew I wanted to express these feelings through my designs.

White Dream Vest

What is your design process? How do you work from concept to construction? 

Everything starts in my imagination, with an idea, a thought, or a feeling. I play with proportions, lengths, and volumes, it’s a challenging time-consuming process, but we are a hard-working team striving to deliver our best, and this is precisely what we are doing.

Who or what was your inspiration while creating your designs?

Finding inspiration is probably the most important part of the process, it’s what sets the wheels in motion, and to me, it can be anything from the beauty of nature to art and architecture, to music and movies. I always keep in my mind the image of the women who’ll be wearing my designs, I think of their natural beauty and of ways to emphasize it through sensual cuts and figure-hugging silhouettes.

Paloma Blanca Silk Dress

Can you describe what lesson you learned as a fashion designer?

Every day I learn to love myself because when your mind is at ease and your heart is at peace, and these two are aligned, everything flows naturally and you can create beautiful, meaningful things. This is something I am trying to teach myself on a daily basis, and it’s a core belief that guides me in every aspect of my life, both personal and professional.

Pocket Denim Jumpsuit

What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

I see the fashion industry as a living, fast-paced mechanism that changes itself season after season. This can be very challenging, but I embrace it as it is, while I try to maintain my individuality and the identity of my brand.

What are your best and worst fashion moments for the brand?

I am trying to maintain my identity as a designer and I have placed white and a very specific palette of white shades at the core of my brand aesthetic. On the one hand, there is something restrictive about it, but on the other hand, there’s something very stimulating about it, knowing that I have to reinvent myself constantly, that I have to use the same monochromatic color scheme but put a twist on it, and make it look fresh and new.

Describe your favorite piece from the latest SS2022 collection.

The White Dream Oversized Jacket is definitely my wardrobe staple. Made out of pure merino wool, and adorned with a precious silver button; for me, it’s a classic never-goes-out-of-style piece; but it also has a contemporary feel to it, thanks to its oversized cut and sharp lines.

White Dream Oversized Jacket

How do you choose your fabrics and where they are sourced from?

For me everything starts with the fabric, that’s why I travel often to trade fairs and other relevant events in the textile industry so that I’m able to stay up to date with the latest trends and able to feel the texture in my hand. I want to offer my clients an exquisite experience and I use only premium fabrics such as French lace and silk, and pure Italian wool. 

Your focus is heavy on fabrics and their quality, which is very notable in fashion design. What’s the importance of fabrication?

In terms of construction, fabric plays a key role, you have to pay attention to weight and texture, and you want to make sure the fabric will help you achieve the silhouette you want to create. 


Pearl Dress

What makes your collection a go-to brand?  

Not only is it beautiful, but it is very wearable, the fabrics are natural and they feel like a second skin. The cuts and design are flattering to the woman’s body, it is comfortable to wear regardless of age, can be worn for any occasion or any situation, it stands the test of time; I want my clients to be able to get quality pieces that they can keep for years to come and always say this a piece from Vestiaire D’un Oiseau Libre.

Miami Denim & Leather Jumpsuit

Who is your ultimate consumer?

We appeal to consumers of the high-end market, strong beautiful women with a bit of edge, women who appreciate premium quality and choose to express themselves and their femininity by wearing designer pieces as a status symbol of elegance and style.

Bianca Niculae in her own White Dream Oversized Jacket

In searching the web for the perfect must-haves this season, its important for brands to have a story behind the shell of a collection. That is why VOL is perfect; it features a rich heritage of art where you do not have to compromise style or quality. “Reaching the ultimate contemporary style,” VOL features “complexity through high simplicity.” Traversing the “power of minimalistic yet irreverent shapes,”  her staple pieces include opulent silk dresses with hand-poured porcelain accents.

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