Valentine’s Day Cocktails – Enjoy a Cocktail as Special as the Day Itself

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With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, mixologists from top bars and restaurants around the world are sharing their cocktail recommendations for every kind of celebration, from tropical to cosmopolitan. Here is a selection of the top five Valentine’s Day cocktails for couples who want to mix things up.

The St. Regis Venice | “Chevalier” at Arts Bar

Smooth, elegant and packed with aphrodisiacs, Chevalier seduces with a heady combination of hibiscus-infused Absolut vodka, floral notes of St‑Germain liqueur and grenadine’s tartness that are beautifully balanced by Burlesque Bitters and house-made ginger syrup. Served at Arts Bar, where signature sips are inspired by renowned artworks associated with Venice, Chevalier is an ode to the original ladies’ man Giacomo Casanova, whose many talents made him popular with the like of Madame de Pompadour, the official mistress of King Louis XV of France.

Price: Euro 28

“Chevalier” at Arts Bar

Hotel Arts Barcelona | “Electrifying Cobber” at P41 Bar & Coctelarium

Thebrainchild of Diego Baud, one of Barcelona’s most original mixologists, Electrifying Cobbler is served at P41 where colours, lights, ingredients and flavours from around the world combine to offer what is known as “liquid journeys”. What makes this aperitif cocktail particularly stirring is the addition of Gardeum liquor made from “electrifying” flowers. Combined with Amontillado sherry, saffron and a touch of citrus, the updated classic is the perfect start to a romantic night out.

Price: Euro 18

Empress by Boon, “Too Damn Gorgeous”

With its intimate booths, flattering lighting and an impressive list of sultry cocktails, modern Cantonese restaurant Empress by Boon in San Francisco is the perfect venue to show off your romantic side. The team’s Valentine’s Day recommendation is “Too Damn Gorgeous”. Blush-coloured thanks to the dragon fruit and rose inclusion, the hard-hitting cocktail is made with Ketel One vodka, calvados, chrysanthemum infusion and a dash of lemon.

Price: USD 17

“Too Damn Gorgeous”

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort | “The Cucumber Chill”

For those celebrating at home with a tropical theme, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji offers the ultimate island cocktail made with readily-available ingredients:

  • 45ml Hendrix gin
  • 60ml Cucumber juice 
  • 15ml Lime juice
  • 15ml Sugar cane juice 
  • Shake, strain and enjoy!
“The Cucumber Chill”

Victoria House Resort & Spa, Belize | Belizean Colada  

Another delicious cocktail to have you dreaming of tropical breezes and the magnificent blue waters around Amergris Caye, the largest of the Belizean islands, is the Belizean Colada. Blended to represent the colors on the Caribbean nation’s flag, the smooth cocktail is best served in a chilled Zombie glass adorned with a pineapple wedge and a Maraschino Cherry.

  • 1 oz Blue Curacao
  • 2 oz Caribbean Gold Rum
  • 2 oz Coconut Cream
  • 2 oz Strawberry Syrup


  • Pour Blue Curacao into a chilled glass
  • Blend Rum and Coconut Cream with ice
  • Gently spoon/pour mixture into glass
  • Blend Strawberry Syrup with ice
  • Gently spoon into glass

Price: USD 11


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